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It was in 1966 that the adventure of M.R.G. began.

Aged 45 and looking for new challenges, Alain Forget buys a small business "Hydraulic Jack Repairs", formerly specialized in the sale and repair of hydraulic jacks and located in the heart of downtown Montreal. Thanks to his experience and his determination, he was able to grow the business and then make way for his two sons, René and Marc Forget.

Over the years, changes and fierce competition have diverted the vocation of the trade towards a new niche, namely the sale and repair of manual pallet trucks. Towards the end of the 1970s, Quebec found itself with a francization law; the owners take the opportunity to francize and incorporate the company. This gives rise to the birth of Équipements Hydrauliques et de Manutention M.R.G. Inc. In 1986, following its gradual expansion, M.R.G. saw itself in the obligation to expand its premises in order to meet the market's demand and settled in Montreal-Nord.

For several years in a row, the company was the largest seller of "Lift-Rite" pallet trucks in Eastern Canada. Today, with the international market, M.R.G. sees itself ready to follow the product's evolution. Always a proud distributor of "Lift-Rite" products, the company has added to its products a complete line of Asian pallet trucks that provides competitive prices and meets the most stringent requirements.

Always attentive to his customers and with a concern to go beyond their expectations, M.R.G. relocated in 2006 to Laval, then in 2011 to Repentigny.

Finally, after more than 45 years of professional experience and know-how, M.R.G. remains a leader in the field of manual pallet trucks.


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